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What do we hunt in Finland?

Moose, Bear, Whitetail deer, Black-, Hazel-, willowgrouse, Capercaiillie, Waterfowl, Mountain hare and lots more.

There`s more than 300 000 hunters in Finland, which is more than enywhere else in Europe, when compared to the size of the population.

In order to hunt in Finland you`ll need

  • Hunting licence.
  • Firearms licence.
  • a certificate of a passed shooting test for bigger game (Moose, Deer, Bear).
  • Hunting rights or a permission from land owner or holder of hunting rights.
  • For some species of game, you`ll need a special licence.

I`ll organize, guide and assist you, also with all previous permits and licences. Contact me and we`ll plan together your hunting trip.